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- Deyuekeweiqi and then Federer would be direct
- Murray took over United Kingdom number
- Murray acknowledged for 08 us open finals
- Three weeks after the return to the all England Club
- Eighth United Kingdom guy is shot straight through

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 Deyuekeweiqi and then Federer would be direct Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Deyuekeweiqi and then Federer would be direct competition at multiple venues. After the us open, Federer pressures to be significantly larger than the other big three, last year he has won the Basel tournament jordan jumpman h series ii for sale  after the us open, Paris masters, as well as London's Masters Cup champion, partial pressure of up to 3,000 points, this means he only after the US Masters tournament in Shanghai also has a certain rise in space. By contrast, deyuekeweiqi last State entered the half-break after the US Open champion, the absence of a number of events, including Open tennis. Us integral pressure only 560 points. If small German Open Tennis Championship in October, will further reduce the distance between Federer in the rankings.

Beat the strange disease "dry eye syndrome", the Dawei already return this season, also sister and partner success at Wimbledon and Olympic doubles champions of the two heavyweight. Although in this second nike trainer 1.3 max sale round of the US Open were from Germany, 6th seed Caubel eliminated, but this did not affect the mood of the Wei. Because Cuba and 24 years old sexy male model Elio-peace in love great Granville, apparently will soon be comfort.

May the long arm, Lozano has created one of the biggest upset in the history of tennis, her small Granville eliminated in the first round, it was also "the Black Pearl" career Grand Slam women's singles for the first time on the field suffered a round tour. After that, the 29-year old Frenchman won only a tour-level victory, world ranking has slipped to the 130th. At the same time, xiaowei Wimbledon champion, single, doubles Gold Medal of the Olympics in the Pocket, this us open, her performance is quite strong, will be azhalunka champions.

I don't think I can beat Serena, in fact, I'm sure I couldn't beat her. "Lozano said. Small State of Wei Cheng-sheng was one of the reasons, and Lozano themselves suffered an injury. First round game against China  cheap air jordan 5 Jinhua Zheng Jie, a Frenchman in the final due to injury before the start of fall tournament. But she chose to remain in New York, watching the US Open match, while receiving treatment.

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 Murray took over United Kingdom number Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

At the us open this year on the field, peace was seen sitting in the Wei family balcony shout encouragement. Wei after singles  jordan jumpman h series ii for sale   out transformed into sister Lala edge the farm team, boyfriend peace naturally go around. Two Arthur Ashe of watching not only the fingers when fastened also kiss each other in the aisle walking and generous show of sweetness, no conceal meaning. Dawei being rendered on the New York fashion week brand new clothing for one quarter, believe it will see more messages on peace. For the sexy male model, there are five points that fans must be aware of.

2012 United States Open tennis competition entering the 14th match day. In the women's doubles final, this us outstanding Errani and Vinge to Lectra 6-4/6-2, 3rd seed, Czech portfolio Hladka/helawakewa, again this season after the French open to win a Grand Slam champion. By virtue of this  nike trainer 1.3 max sale beautiful network of excellent play, Errani/Vinge also next week, will be promoted to first doubles combination in the world.

This is Errani/Vinge Hladka/helawakewa in sixth this season and, Errani/apart from aowang early in the semi-final achieved one win, Vinge, swallowed a combination of Czech four-losing streak. Which includes the Cincinnati Super five prior to the Wimbledon semi-finals and us open tournament. Promotions had eliminated golden flowers on the road combined Peng shuai/Lischi helawakewa/Hladka has a strong serve and net attacks with great pressure, but tacit Errani/Vinge also have the strength to win. Especially in the successful realignment with eight at this us open singles, two Italy girl's confidence to new heights.

2007 Henman after retiring, Murray took over United Kingdom number one men's singles class. From the 2008 cheap air jordan 5 us open finals aowang finals twice in 2010 and 2011, and this year's Wimbledon final, Murray even though predecessors Henman more than a step forward, but still cannot go beyond the final key Biscayne, had three of them, he is no match for Switzerland the King of soccer Federer. 

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  Murray acknowledged for 08 us open finals Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

During the current us jordan after game shoes for sale  open, Murray acknowledged for 08 us open finals of memory is fuzzy. 2010 Melbourne Park, when he was three, after losing only swallowed tears Mistress: "I can cry like Roger, but not as he was playing so well. "Today's winning press conference, Murray admits on that final, true feel burdened with expectations of British pressure.

Under the leadership of coach Lendell, Murray finally gains in five Grand Slam finals, expressed themselves on this Andy Thanksgiving. "He is about to smile more," Murray first ridicule road, "he is one of the most outstanding player in the history, for eight consecutive years to enter the finals here. He has supported me through a lot of tough times, but more than he, and everyone in my team is so. From the outset, they backed by standing beside me, I am very grateful air max 90 sale to them. "Murray says at the end.

This was the US Open women's singles final for the first time since 1995, was dragged into the run-off contest. Holding the war record of nine WINS and a negative psychological advantage small Granville, in front of the plate relied on strong serving and third assaults dominated the first game, and achieved victory over 6-2. But after entering the second set with the decline of small service state of Wei, azhalunka began to shoot duigong high on the presence of active.

Directorate IV small German hitting the net out-of-bounds again send out two break points, then back to grow the bottom line serve again to hand over the ball, but he forced his opponent back to the fifth out completing the back breaking, in defusing a break point back into the 2-4. Then after the two respective, Murray in the Nineth Board serve better than one ball back out of the tray jordan 4 uk bottom line was break, small debao back into the 5-5, but not of his subsequent non-12th Council one ball back side also suffered a break, but also to 5-7 and then throw a disc.

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 Three weeks after the return to the all England Club Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

After the match, Murray gave small German the most sincere hug, is comforting is respected. Then, he on nike air max 2012 for sale  scene all of people said has thanks, especially they in the of a, that is he of new coach Lendell, see disciples can and own as, in career career of 5th a large Slam finals in the made success, the whole field competition are surface no expression of old the world of tennis senior celebrity at this point finally is no longer put "ice face", "that expression almost can is a smile has. "Murray told the teacher to help themselves to win a Grand Slam.

In two people past 14 times plays in the, deyuekeweiqi eight wins six negative slightly prevail, including 2011 aowang finals and this year aowang semi-final two field large slam competition in the of victory, however two people in this year of four times plays in the is is 2-2 war into tied, and in hard to stadium air max 1 uk of all 11 times showdown in the, Serbia people also only is 6-5 occupies weak advantage, therefore this field competition eventually of winner still full has suspense.

Three weeks after the return to the all England Club, little Wei performance even more striking, to losing a disc records won the Olympic singles gold medal for the first time, the "Golden slam" Albert. In winning on the road, two players in the world today azhalunka and Maria Sharapova are her spirits taken. Back in New York after flushing, small Granville continue winning momentum, revise the personal Grand Slam champions figure to 15. Become the Overlord small Granville this summer, also copy my sister in 2000 years of continuous record of WINS at Wimbledon, the Olympics and US Open champion.

A plate of lead Murray after a smooth start to the second set, in the second Board to continue to put pressure on the jordan 3 for sale opponent, failure is deyuekeweiqi continuous feed, with his back to the ball long of bottom line in straight sets of four ball was break, United Kingdom guy in the next by virtue of the third Council made after 3-0 made by the opponent out of the lead.

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 Eighth United Kingdom guy is shot straight through Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Eighth United Kingdom guy is shot straight through the out-of-bounds are even lost three points, xiaode after wasting a jordan 2 for sale  break point, also depends on the net pressure smash to deliver opportunity, love game bosfa of 5-4 with one score. Three games after their match was then taken into the seven-snatch. Rob Murray wasted of five out of the seven count also is relying on a service direct to small ' 12-10 won first set victory.

Black Pearl, however, she had the opportunity to compete for this season's year-end world first. Azhalunka while holding the initiative, but at the end need to face the pressures of more than 1600 points. Last year, the US has high refuse to fight small networks Wei, you have plenty of space in the rose. As soon as she could in the Pan-Pacific Super Crown tournament in five races, networks, as  jordan play in these uk well as on the year-end finals success, she had the opportunity to move beyond azhalun cards, to return to the throne after the ball to himself.

2012 United States Open tennis ended the final women's singles top vs. In a classic three war, native name is xiaoweilianmusi first victory suffered the world's first azhalunka with a plate of crazy striking back. But eventually Xiao Wei in the final cases of disc 3-5 behind the magic win four games, won us open fourth Crown, is also the 15th career Grand Slam Championship.

2009 us open men's singles final, deerboteluo struggle hard for five of the initial break into the finals of the nike air max 95 bb for sale Grand Slam defeating Federer, ending the latter's us open five consecutive, Argentina young past 30 Grand Slam in the first person to break the big three to Grand Slam monopoly. 

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